Steve Gleason’s body no longer works like that of a professional football player. But he still has his mind, along with his wit and sense of humor. Steve Gleason was one of the lucky ALS patients. Due to money he made while playing in the NFL, and his hero status in the City of New Orleans, Steve is able to live in a house where he can control everything with his eyes. From the doors to the window blinds, Steve is able to live as independently as he can. But many ALS patients are not so lucky. This is why Steve Gleason raised money to build the Team Gleason house, which is very similar to his own house, and currently houses 6 residents who are battling ALS. Steve shows how Team Gleason is different from other ALS charities, in where they don’t waste money looking for a cure that is decades away. He focuses more on providing a quality of life for ALS patients. Take a look at the video below to find out more about Steve Gleason, his wife Michel, and how technology is changing the face of ALS.